Dongri Building Collapsed! Grief Of 13 Deaths Overpowers Mumbai

Dongri Building Collapse, Mumbai, Headlines, MHADA

Mumbai is in shock right now, as an old building collapsed in Mumbai. Reportedly 13 people are killed in the incident and more than 9 injured. They have been sent to the hospital and the rescue team is working there to find out more people who are still struggling below the debris of the building. The situation has become worse but the government is taking actions now. Devendra Fadnavis, chief minister of Maharashtra is told that the building was exceeding its age and was more than 100 years old.

Another big question which comes up whose building was this. After the building collapsed later in the noon, no one is ready to take the responsibility on their heads. First, it was said that the building comes under the MHADA (Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority). BMC says that the building is the cessed one which comes under MHADA. But the authorities are saying that it is not the Kesaribai building which collapsed but it was the building was on its side. In their defence, the higher officials said,  “When we reached the spot we realised that the structure under our jurisdiction was still standing, and it was the building next to it that had collapsed.”

In another statement from Vaishali Gadpale, we get to know that they clearly notified people that the building which comes under them was vacated in 2018. “The collapsed structure was behind 25C Kesarbai building and was illegally built. There was no one staying in the MHADA cessed structure on Tuesday,”

This is not the first case which is coming up in front of us as last month we saw another incident which shook us all. 29 people were killed in the compound in Malad where more than 70 people were injured. This raises the question on the department who is going to take the responsibilities of the innocent lives which are taken by these collapses.


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