A very big piece of news coming from the US that Twitter Inc on Friday deleted the posted tweets by the US President Donald Trump. Recently Trump was tweeted that Joe Biden will not able to host the entire country and also he is not able to rule the United States. So, the officials of Twitter deleted his tweets and also suspended his account of his Presidential campaign. Also, the officials boot his personal account deactivated the platform permanently. The tweet by Trump was “We will not be SILENCED!” So, if you want to know the entire matter then here we will be revealing the entire incident.Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, and Kellyanne Conway Talk to the Media

Donald Trump was containing almost 33.4 Million followers. Twitter has permanently suspended his account. Later, Trump tweeted another tweet in which he said “Twitter is not about FREE SPEECH”. So, after analyzing his activity on Twitter, everyone thinks that Trump building his own social media platform for the future in which he converting everyone’s mind towards his own decisions. After that, Twitter shut down his @TeamTrump campaign account shortly after he further tweets with a Statement of President Trump. The incident becomes a trend on Twitter and many people shared the hashtag of Trump account banned from Twitter.

The officials confirmed that it is the first time Twitter banned a head of state. Trump has repeatedly used his social media account to defeat Joe Biden from November 3. Many supporters of Trump giving their support to the @POTUS. He creates his own campaign and regularly giving the competition to the current President of The United States. Many supporters are running marches and continuing strikes that effects the entire US. Many protests going on to support Donald Trump and Trump also giving a very tough competition to the current president.

Donald Trump regularly protests against the President of the United States in his social media accounts. The major source of demotivating him is Twitter and now the officials of Twitter banned his account because of violating Twitter regulations and rules. Donald will not stop his protest against Joe because he wants to rule the entire United States again. The result of polls confirmed that a very huge quantity of residence wants Joe Biden as the President of the United States. So, if you want to know more facts and current affairs then stay tuned with us.


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