Finally, Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany announced her engagement on the very special occasion of her dad’s life. As we know, the former US President Donald Trump has faced his last day as the farewell of the presidential journey. On Tuesday, the farewell ceremony was held for Donald Trump. Donald Trump delivers a speech on the occasion of his last day as a US president. The new President of the US, Joe Biden will be inaugurated at 12:00 on Wednesday.Tiffany Trump Fiance Michael Boulos Bio Wiki Biography Net Worth Profession Affairs

Trump will not be meeting the new administration of the US. He has plans to fly to Florida. On the occasion of the inauguration, The republican President said in the record, “We are inaugurating the new administration of the US and pray for its success for making America safe and Prosperous.” From today, the title of President will be snatch from Donald Trump. Now, he will live a normal person’s life. Donald Trump wishes the new President of the US for the success and keeps America away from difficult circumstances.

The 27-year old youngest daughter of Donald Trump who recently graduated from Georgetown Law School. He is the daughter of the Former President of the US and Marla Maples who is Trump’s second wife. Tiffany who is the daughter of Trump announced his engagement. She is engaged with Mr. Michael Boulos who is a 23-year-old business executive. Mr. Michael Boulos is born and raised in Lebanon. He completes his education in Lagos. Now, he is settled in London. They both are dating for the past few years. They both start dating in 2018.

They continuously spotted in multiple events. The couple did not reveal the marriage date yet. Mr. Boulos shares a picture with the fiancee Tiffany and wrote, “Get engaged to the love of my life! Looking forward to our next chapter together.” Tiffany Trump also shares a picture with the love of her life. They posted their first photograph together in Manhattan During Fashion Week. Mr. Boulos joined Tiffany in many family events. Last month, she introduce Mr. Boulos as his boyfriend at a Thanksgiving dinner at President Trump’s Marg-a-Lago club in Florida. And in December couple have seen at the white house holiday event. Stay tuned with us for further updates.



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