Domain Austin Shooting video twitter goes viral on the internet: We get recent news that a shooting happened in Rockrose on 16th July 2022 a few hours ago where two guns were shot and thought that someone fired the crackers but later they came to know that the shooting was done by the boy. This news is now getting viral on the internet and people are searching for this news and want to know about the whole incident. People want to know whether anyone got injured or not so don’t worry we have shared detailed information on this incident which took place just hours ago. Let’s get more information about this news. Follow More Updates On

Domain Austin shooting

Domain Austin Shooting video twitter

A shooting took place near the Domain Complex in the mid-afternoon and this shooting was done by a 20-year-old boy on Wednesday. This happened near Esperanza Crossing Burnet Road which is closer to the Domin shopping Centre. A post was tweeted by the Transportation department of Austin in which they wrote that avoid the area and the road is now blocked at 4:25 pm. People got worried when this post was shared with them and people are asking about their safety and are now worried as two more cases of the shooting came on the same day.

How Many People Got Die?

As per information, a teenager got severe injuries from this shooting and now he is in the hospital doctors are not confirmed whether he will be saved or not. This terrible incident has made people hide in the complex and they are scared to come out. Although, the area is now blocked & seized by the police officers, and many children who were there are more scared of this incident. Well, no one get harmed in this shooting except the one who got injured in this shooting and now he is safe and taking medical treatment.

Is Domain Austin Shooter Arrested?

The shooter is not recognized and the police are doing an investigation to find the culprit. The Domain is a big office which is located in Austin, USA. This project was completed in just 2007 and people now came into this complex to spend their time. This project was handled by Endeavor Real Estate Group. Police are now investigating and they also get a video of him which was captured on a camera and now we are sure that the culprit will get arrested soon. We will update you when we get more information on this news.


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