Are you also a fan of the Money Heist Series? If yes then you must read this article till the last word. The craze of this Netflix series is extremely high and the popularity of this Spanish web series is seriously amazing.

Tokyo dead in money heist

On the 3rd of September 2021, volume 1 of money heist season 5 has been released by the makers. After the waiting of almost 1.5 years, season 5 is here on the fan’s demand but there are only 5 episodes released out of 10 episodes.

Tokyo Die In Money Heist Season 5?

Mostly everyone has watched season 5 but there is a curiosity that is Tokyo is died in Money Heist or will be Alive? the question makes everyone curious. Now at this moment, everybody wants to know about the suspense. So far we all enjoyed the character of Tokyo who is a much aggressive girl in this story. Tokyo is known for its aggression and chill mode. She is a personality who never takes the stress and solves her problems.

The mystery is of Tokyo’s death in Money Heist is going to solve now. As we have seen in the earlier seasons that group has initiated a second thief which will take place in the Bank of Spain. Previously they have to steal Cash but in the second thief, they steal Gold and survive more than 100 hours in the Bank of Spain.

Money Heist Season 5? Part 1 Ending Explained!

During this survival, Tokyo will be shot five times on her arms and legs. While she is saving the crewmates and bravely fighting with a soldier she suddenly shot one more time. This time the bullet becomes the cause of her death. So yes it is true that Tokyo will die in Episode 5 of Season 5.

The moment will be awesome she taking the last breath in her life going to make crazy everyone. In this scene, you will see Tokyo gets the last laugh as she pulls pins of an entire belt of grenades. This action will explode to kill herself and the surrounding soldiers including Gandia. Because she is the narrator of the story and now who will narrate the remaining story Money Heist.

There are lots of fans who became sad after knowing that Tokyo will die. But as per our prediction, Tokyo will survive because from the beginning of the Money Heist series she is the narrator of this story. So you can think about it that if she dies then who is narrating the story of Heist. Most probably she will survive and amaze her fans.


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