Does Jason Van Tatenhove Still Have His Tattoo Shop? Jan 6 Role Explained: There is a lot of eagerness among the people to know more about the tattoo shop owner, Jason Van Tatenhove as to whether he still is the owner of the tattoo parlor or he has shifted to something else. Currently, he is aged around 47 years and is a Colorado native for quite some time. Follow More Updates On

Jason Van Tatenhove

Jason used to own a tattoo parlor and was quite well known for it. However, there was also a time when he used to work in the Oath Keepers’ national communications and was working as the director way back in 2015. He used to work there and had spent almost 2 years of his life working there. So, today we will try and talk more about the former tattoo parlor owner. On this Tuesday, the former spokesperson from the right militia, Oath Keepers, and the issue that they will be talking about and discussing is going to be the violent incident that had taken place at the US capitol building on the 6th of January in the last year. He will be testifying there before the House Committee.

The incident is related to the former president of America, Donald Trump who had allegedly stated the presidential election was unfair and a scam. He also said that he will be taking action on the issue. Currently, Jason Van Tatenhove is not in possession of the tattoo shop and the shop was only owned much before his time. He will be standing in front of the House Committee to testify about the violence that happened on January 6, 2021, in the US capitol building.

The hearing by the panel will be on Tuesday and is going to discuss the role that was played by the far-right extremist organizations that led to the violence on that day which was very severe. The leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes was also charged by the DOJ (Department of Justice) with a crime that is very rare as he was charged with conspiracy for sedition for the part that he played in the attack on that day.

There was also evidence that suggested that Rhodes and the commander of the proud boys, Enrique Tarrio, were having a secret meeting at a location that was abandoned. Jason had left the tattoo parlor and had moved to Montana in 2014 and soon he met the Oath Keepers and was the reporting for Bundy Ranch story. The hearing is yet to take place and we will update it as soon as it is concluded.

Jason Van Tatenhove was the director for Oath Keepers and was working in the department of national communications for two years in 2015 and 2016. He was one of the few people that used to have a lot of connections to the group that is said to be extremist groups and is going to appear before the jury on the Jan 6 panel and will be appearing on 12 June and giving his testimony.

Jason is from colorado and has been living there for a lot of time. He was also the owner of the tattoo shop and was quite known for it. When he moved to Montana in 2014 then he was able to meet with the Oath Keepers and was responsible for covering the Bundy Ranch Story.

However, his initial motive to join was that he could record and embed and share the story of the renowned militia group. He used to be speaking to the reporters in lieu of Oath Keepers and was also managing the social media account of that group and writing blogs as well, for the organization.

There was an interview given by him where he said that he was going to write something that was going to get him a breakthrough with his ideas. However, whatever happened was not what he expected and instead turned out to be the one making propaganda for them. The mission was quite an unsuccessful one on his part.

He also has a LinkedIn account to his name where it is written that he is the founder and also the writer at Colorado Switchblade. It is also written that he is also a novelist and also a contemporary artist.

When he was young he was learning design and visual communication skills from an Art Institute in the span of 1992-94. If you want to know more in detail then you can check out his LinkedIn profile as well.

His tattoo shop was known as Runic body art and there was an initial investment of $568. He used to do almost everything there and is even a certified laser removal tech. Jason has been managing the supply inventories, equipment, upkeep, and some more stuff.

Years later, Jason had left the organization as he was having issues with Rhodes on stating his opinion to everyone on the matter. Now that he is no longer a part of the oath keepers, he will be ready to testify in front of the jury for the violence at the capitol building.


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