Nowadays many viral videos and pictures are reported on social networking sites and most of them are popular for controversies. It is not mandatory that the picture and videos are fake sometimes it is clear as water and a word is enough to a wise. In parallel, a picture of one of the most popular rappers Ivy Queen has become a point of attraction. She has posted a picture in which she wants to attract she is in hospital. After this post, all of sudden heavy traffic is reported on the web. Every single fan of her wants to know why she is in hospital.

What Happened To Ivy Queen

According to sources after some minutes of this post, the fans of her and her relatives and friends are showing their love and care on social media platforms. Some of her fans say on the internet that being a fan of her how can he see her in the hospital and one of those mad fans says that wish that it could be with me. Every individual is wishing her good luck and praying for her better health. Apart from she did not mention any caption with this picture that indicates something fishy. This news is like hot chat for those who actually feel for her.

Who is Ivy Queen?

According to the web, she is 50n years old lady and she took her first breath on 4 March 1972 in Anasco, Puerto Rico. her real name is Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodriguez. She is a rapper and songwriter or singer. Queen tied the knot with Omar Navarro in 1994 and later they divorced each other in 2005. But she again got married to Xavier Sanchez in 2012.

Ivy Queen is a well-known rapper and she introduced herself to the Industry with her first song “Somos Raperos Pero No Delincuentes.” In 1996 she sang alone and made her first studio album En Mi Imperio. Ahead in her life, she has launched many songs and also gained popularity. The Original Rude Girl, In The Zone, Diva, Flashback, and Scetimiento are the album which has been awarded by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

What Happened To Ivy Queen?

There are no comments and a statement has been passed by the Ivy Queen for this picture. People are engaged on the web somehow, they get some information so the team is looking forward to getting further information on this news. So, hold your horses no sooner than we get any progress report of this news we will provide to you all.


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