Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who had spent about 340 days at the International Space Station from the year 2015 to 2016 have altered its DNA in space.

Among all the travels Space travels are considered to be most dangerous travel.  Even if all goes per plans a stay in the space may alter your DNA as the study reported. The research was done by NASA to see how the human body responds in the area if they stay for a long time. The report suggested that chromosomes of the Scott Kelly have become long and when he comes back to earth they come to their usual length.

Scott Kelly had spent a total of 500 days in the space. He got an identical twin brother Mark, which helps NASA to research on the DNA of Scott Kelly who was there in an area for a period. This gave NASA an excellent opportunity to study the effects of DNA as they are first identical twins that NASA has.

NASA, DNA alteration in space, Scott Kelly

According to the research 93 percent if Scott Kelly genes had returned to normal whereas the remaining 7 percent genes get altered or do not comes to their original state. This may affect his immune system, bone formation networks, DNA repair, hypoxia and hypercapnia as stated by Monica Edwards of NASA Human Research Strategic Communications.

The study was to get a better knowledge about the health of each brother. The sequencing of the genes is done to see the response of body in spaceflight conditions.  After a complete study of genome sequencing on DNA and RNA of Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly, it showed that the twins have many unique mutations. The scientists are now studying to get knowledge about whether Scott gets his space gene activated while he is in space.

The final study reports on the twin brothers will be realized by NASA later this year.


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