The latest match of German DHB Pokal is ready for all the fans who were waiting for the match of this league. The league has introduced too many matches for the fans and now, another final match is ready for all the fans who were also waiting for this. It will be the 1/16 final of this league.

DL vs RNL Live Score

It will be interesting to watch the gameplay of the teams and their players as team SC DHFK Leipzig (DL) and team Rhei-Necklar Lowen (RNL) is going to play their next of the league and who will win this match, the teams will reach to the other final of the league. The moment will still continue because their many teams are left who will play their final matches.

DL vs RNL Live Score

Along with this, the fans are also excited because both teams have played wonderful matches and reached this place. They were amazing in their matches and now, another match will show that how they will perform in the future because this upcoming match all depends on their gameplay, and if win this so, they will reach another final match.

The audience is not allowed in the court due to the Covid-19 pandemic but they can watch this match from the various streaming platforms and maybe, the live match will be telecast on their official Facebook page.

DL vs RNL: Match Details

  • Team Names:- SC DHFK Leipzig (DL) vs Rhei-Necklar Lowen (RNL)
  • League:- German DHB Pokal
  • Venue:- QUARTERBACK Immobilien ARENA
  • Date:- Tuesday, October 5, 2021
  • Time:- 10:30 PM IST

DL vs RNL: Team Squad

SC DHFK Leipzig (DL):- Kristian Saeveras, Joel Birlehm, Lukas Binder, Marc Esche, Patrick Wiesmach, Lukas Krzikalla, Maciej Gebala, Alen Milosevic, Oskaar Sunnefeldt, Julius Meyer Siebert, Marko Mamic, Simon Ernst, Luca Witzke, Lovro Jotic, Sime Ivic, and Gregor Remke.

Rhei-Necklar Lowen (RNL):- Mikael Appelgren, Andreas Palicka, David Spath, Nikolas Katsigiannis, Uwe Gensheimer, Lion Zacharias, Benjamin Helander, Mamadou Diocou, Patrick Groetzki, Kristjan Horzen, Ymir Orn Gislason, Jannik Kohlbacher, Mait Patrail, Philipp Ahouansou, IIija Abutovic, Lukas Nilsson, Andry Schmid, Juri Knorr, Albin Lagergren, and Niclas Kirkelokke.

DL vs RNL: Probable Lineups Players

SC DHFK Leipzig (DL):- Joel Birlehm, Marc Esche, Lukas Krzikalla, Alen Milosevic, Marko Mamic, Lovro Jotic, and Gregor Remke.

Rhei-Necklar Lowen (RNL):- Andreas Palicka, Lion Zacharias, Patrick Groetzki, Ymir Orn Gislason, Lukas Nilsson, Juri Knorr, and Albin Lagergren.

DL vs RNL: Match Prediction

So, the match is about to start in a few hours and fans are excited to know the result before the match starts because of its final. Yes, the match is about to start and fans are eagerly waiting to know that who has more chances to win this match.

Well, both teams have played amazing gameplay in their last matches and after viewing their performance and comparing each other, the experts say that team RNL has more chances to win the upcoming match.


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