The fans are going excited to watch the next match of the latest and popular league of Germany which is known as the German Handball League. We have provided you with important details of the previous match and once again, the league is ready to introduce one more match of the league. It will be interesting to watch this league on the handball court.

dl vs fag

Well, the match is about to start and tonight, we will get to see team SC DHFK Leipzig (DL) and team Frisch Auf Goppingen (FAG) on the handball court. The match will be interesting to watch because of the players and their ultimate strategies in this league.

We are going to provide you each and every detail of the match including its time, venue, league, date, lineups players and many more things but some of the Indian fans are searching for the winning team. Well, the match is not started yet but the fans want to know which team has more chances to win this match tonight. Because of this, we will also share the prediction of the match and we will find which team has more chances to win this match by their previous performance. All this information will be available in this article.

DL vs FAG: Match Details

  • Team Names:- SC DHFK Leipzig (DL) vs Frisch Auf Goppingen (FAG)
  • League:- German Handball League
  • Venue:- Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig, Germany
  • Date:- Thursday, October 21, 2021
  • Time:- 10:35 PM IST

DL vs FAG: Team Squad

SC DHFK Leipzig (DL):- Joel Birlehm, Lucas Krzikalla, Patrick Wiesmach Larsen, Mika Laurin Sajanev, Simon Ernst, Luca Witzke, Oliver Seidler, Finn Lukas Leun, Oskar Sunnefeldt, Christian Ole-Simonsen, Niclas Benedict Heitkamp, Hendrik Hanemann, Lovro Jotic, Jakob Jannis Leun, Lukas Binder, Nicolas Neumann, Kristian Saeveras, Alan Milosevic, Maciej Gebala, Marc Esche, Gregor Remke, Sime Ivic, and Marko Mamic.

Frisch Auf Goppingen (FAG):- Marcel Schiller, Jacob Bagersted, Julian Buchele, Josip Sarac, Jon Andersen-Lindenchrone, Urh Kastelic, Sebastian Klein, Tobias Ellebaek, Janus Smarason, Oskar Neudeck, Till Hermann, Axel Goller, Isaiah Klein, Maximilian Hejny, Nemanja Zelenovic, Daniel Rebmann, Kevin Gulliksen, Kresimir Kozina, Sebastian Heymann, and Tim Kneule.

DL vs FAG: Lineups Player

SC DHFK Leipzig (DL):- Patrick Wiesmach Larsen, Lukas Binder, Lucas Krzikalla, Oskar Sunnefeldt, Gregor Remke, Joel Birlehm, and Sime Ivic.

Frisch Auf Goppingen (FAG):- Tim Kneule, Janus Smarason, Kevin Gulliksen, Daniel Rebmann, Jacob Bagersted, Sebastian Heymann, and Marcel Schiller.

DL vs FAG: Match Details

Now, everyone is waiting to know which team has many chances to win this upcoming match. Well, we saw the performance of both teams and it could be seen that the match is going to be more than a battle. Team DL is standing on the 12th position with 5 points, They played 6 matches in which they won just 2 times and lost 3 matches.

On the other side, team FAG is standing on the 4th spot with 10 points. They won 4 matches out of 7 matches and lost a single match. As per the expert analysis, team FAG has more chances to win this match.


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