Many festivals are celebrated on a very huge platform in which Diwali is a very auspicious festival of Indians. As everyone knows, Deepavali or Diwali is a very big and lovely festival. Diwali also is known as the Festival of Lights because all the residence of India decorates their house very well with lights and Rangolis. At this festival, many people love to firecrackers and like to enjoy the festival with lots of enjoyment and sweet dishes. All the shopping malls and shops are giving discounts on the occasion of Diwali to increase its sales. If you want to buy firecrackers then here are many genuine offers and a complete Fireworks Crackers Price List for you.

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A Complete Fireworks Crackers Price List

All the list of the firecrackers are here and also we consider the discounted amount that you will suppose to get while shopping.


  1. 7cm Coloured Sparklers at Rs. 20
  2. 9cm X 10 Coloured Sparklers at Rs. 22
  3. 10cm Five in One Sparkler at Rs. 55
  4. 15cm Electric Sparklers at Rs. 80
  5. Paradise Sparklers Gift Pack (Multicolor) at Rs. 300
  6. Rajdhani Sparklers Gift Pack (Multicolor) at Rs. 400


  1. Ground Chakkar Medium (25 Pcs) at Rs. 105
  2. Ground Chakkar Big (25Pcs) at Rs. 140
  3. Ground Chakkar Deluxe (10 Pcs) at Rs. 230
  4. Krishna Chakkar Special at Rs. 180
  5. Giant Wheel, Joke Wheel, Glittering Wheel (5Pcs) at Rs. 175
  6. Whistling Wheel at Rs. 180

Fountain Flower Pots

  1. Flower Pots Small at Rs. 105
  2. Flower Pots Special at Rs. 220
  3. Flower Pots Giant at Rs. 500
  4. Flower Pots Deluxe (1X5 pcs) at Rs. 300
  5. Jadugar (4 Pcs) at Rs. 280
  6. Dil Se (1X3) Multi-Color Balls Long Time at Rs. 450
  7. Fire Drops, Snow Patrol, Purple Dove (25 Pcs) at Rs. 1750


  1. Pencil (20 Pcs) at Rs. 150
  2. Green Candle (10 Pcs) at Rs. 160
  3. Rainbow Candle (5 Pcs) at Rs. 225
  4. Twin Birds (1X2) at Rs. 230
  5. Chenda Melam (1X2) at Rs. 300

Atom Bombs

  1. Square Bombs at Rs. 83
  2. Hydrogen Bombs at Rs. 90
  3. Cake Bomb Big at Rs. 140
  4. Shogun Bomb at Rs. 175


  1. Ganesh Crackers or Bengal Prince 5″ at Rs. 71
  2. Lakshmi Crackers 4″ at Rs. 35
  3. Double Sound Big 4″ at Rs. 50
  4. Tri-Color Balls (2 Pcs) at Rs. 90
  5. Flower Bomb (10 Pcs) at Rs. 210

Celebration Crackers

  1. Celebration Crackers – 100 at Rs. 110
  2. Celebration Crackers – 300 at Rs. 310
  3. Celebration Crackers – 1000 at Rs. 840
  4. Celebration Crackers – 3000 at Rs. 2400
  5. Celebration Crackers – 10000 at Rs. 8500


  1. Colour Rocket at Rs. 110
  2. Sound Missile at Rs. 160
  3. Double Sound Rocket at Rs. 180
  4. Classic Rocket Sound at Rs. 185
  5. Parachute Rocket (4 Pcs) at Rs. 380
  6. Atlas (Green), Apollo (Silver), Titan (Purple) (1X6) at Rs. 500

All the Firecrackers Price List are mentioned above with very genuine items. Lots of people are want to buy crackers but they aren’t able to buy because of the price. Here are we listed a very genuine price for every item and you can very easily purchase all the firecrackers that you want to buy. So, enjoy your Diwali with lots of amazing crackers and sweet dishes.


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