Lavanya was in the room and then Drishti comes there. Pishachani was so curious to know where are Lavanya and Rakshit and whether she has bite Rakshit or not. Then Drishti comes there and she was drunk. She asks what are you doing with Lavanya. Lavanya becomes conscious when sees her. Drishti places her hand on the forehead of Lavanya and then she sees that she is a lizard. Lavanya becomes so scared as Drishti will come to know what is she actually. Drishti and Lavanya fights. Rakshit thinks that what he should do now.

Divya Drishti 29th June 2019 episode written updates includes the events where Pishachini is curious and she flies to the room of Lavanya. Drishti then places her hand on bhang and she forgets everything what she saw about Lavanya. Lavanya then bites Rakshit and he starts getting uncomfortable. Lavanya runs from there but Divya comes there and locks her in the room then she thinks that now nobody will disturb my sister and her husband. Lavanya shouts why she has locked her in the room. Then she comes in her real avatar and thinks that now her work is finished as Rakshit will die now in three phases and no one can save him.

She starts laughing. Pishachini reaches to the room and sees nobody. She thinks where they have gone. We are going to see the romance between Rakshit and Drishti. Drishti is drunk and she does things like a child and throws water on Rakshit. They both comes in the bathtub and starts doing romance. Rakshit asks her hand but she did not give her then he lifts her up. For more updates of Divya Drishti written episode, stay tuned with us.


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