Who Is Divine? Child Wrestling Coach Arrested for child $ex abuse: This news is related to the coach who used to teach wrestling. He was charged with various offenses after it was told by the prosecutors that he had been talking to his 15-year-old student, asking for photos that were physically seductive, and offering the student marijuana in exchange. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

divine child wrestling coach

Who Is Divine?

The wrestling is suspected to be from the Divine Child High School and was the head coach for wrestling at the school. His name is Brandon Fenzel and is about 24 years old hailing from White Lake. Brandon was charged with four-count of child abuse and a similar count of digital communication to commit a crime. This was clarified by the Prosecutors on Saturday.

The student whom he asked for the pictures was also a member of the wrestling team. Brandon was detained and the judge also issued him a $500,000 cash bond. He was arrested on Wednesday as stated by the police.

Divine Child Wrestling Coach

A team of investigators was put up as soon as he was arrested and they have started working on gathering evidence and delving into the case much deeper and see if it has roots anywhere else. It is of utmost importance if they want to make sure that the young are safe and are kept in a safe environment. The Police Chief of Dearborn Police wants to make sure that the youth is safeguarded against such activities.

His recruitment was done via legitimate means as is confirmed by Reverand Bob McCabe, pastor of the Divine Child High School Administration. He issued a statement that said, “Fenzel was hired as a member of the 2019-2020 coaching staff after he had completed many background checks by the state as well as federal commissions. He had participated in the Archdiocese of Detroit’s Protecting God’s Children program.

Divine Child Wrestling Coach Arrested

They also stated that the school officials will be reaching out to the wrestling team and encouraging the parents and the school community members to ask questions and contact the administration.

St. Paul closed the statement by saying that if one part of the body suffers, all of the parts suffer along with it. They have been attending to the community’s needs and are praying that all parties that have been affected by the incident get healed.

Bradon was also taking the role of coach at the Orchard Lake St Mary’s Preparatory School in the same area as that of the previous school. The police want more people to come forward if they have been a part of similar incidents.

More information on the incident will be revealed as the investigation progress further.


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