WATCH: Disney Fight Video Brawl broke out at Disney World: Walt Disney World Resort once again came into the limelight of social media. This time the reason for its popularity is the same just like previous one. Reportedly another brawl took place at the Walt Disney World Resort. According to the reports, this is the second altercation in the past three months that happened at Walt Disney World Resort. When was the second brawl took place at Walt Disney World Resort? As per the source, the second altercation was reported at the resort on Wednesday. Meanwhile, this matter picked up speed and became a trending subject when a video of the incident surfaced on social media. A video has taken over Twitter that shows a big brawl that happened inside Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. We have a lot more to discuss in the fight video of Walt Disney World resort. Scroll down the page. Follow More Updates On

Disney Fight Video Brawl

Disney Fight Video Brawl

As per the source, a fight broke out behind Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom inside Fantasyland and in front of Peter Pan’s Flight. One man addressed the incident, he said that fists were flying during the incident. Thus he recorded the video and share it on social media. While addressing the fight he told, “I do not know what prompted this brawl. We came upon it and security guards took two  minutes to respond to the incident.” Reportedly, the officers arrived at the scene after five minutes after the brawl.

Disney Fight Brawl Viral Video

Meanwhile, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene. Regardless, the officers of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the park around 7:30 PM after the fight. After the fight, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of three men who were involved in the fight. They have been charged with misdemeanor battery. Is there any report regarding the injuries? Yes, the respective authority reported that one person sustained injuries and has been taken to a hospital.

Disney Fight Brawl Video Explained

In addition, in the month of May a woman also got injured, she sustained an injury to her head during the fight. And this time a man sustained injuries during the fight at the Walt Disney World. The video of the brawl is circulating on Twitter with a high velocity. The ongoing viral video shows flying fists at the Magic Kingdom. The witness of the incident addressed the incident while talking with Fox35. Stay connected with this website for more details and updates.


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