A popular influencer of social media and known for his tech videos on social media and his official Youtube channel. Yes, we are talking about the popular Indian tech Youtuber Dimpu Baruah who uploads such amazing videos in which he shares and describes about the things that could be anything. Well, his videos show some amazing facts and rumors related to surfing something on social media.

accident video

He has been uploading some amazing videos for the last few years but suddenly, heartbreaking and upsetting news is coming out from social media and his official Youtube channel that Dimpu Baruah has had an accident due to which he also got hurt somewhere.

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Dimpu Baruah Accident Video

According to his latest video, which was uploaded by himself on his official Youtube channel showing that he was injured by his right hand and a hard plaster was also seen on his hand. Some of the rumors are also claiming that he died in the death-dealing accident but readers, this news is totally faked as he was just injured by hand and some scratches on his body.

As per the sources, Dimpu Baruah officially shared a video in which he was telling about his accident. He said that he was driving on a single straight road but he was not aware that there was a cut on the right side of the road and he was struck by another car which was coming from the turn.

In the video, he also showed that some people were trying to take his bike from a pit. His Himalayan bike has been damaged from the front as he was shown in the video and later, he stopped at a roadside restaurant (Dhaba) and showed it from where he was injured. It is the news of relief that he was saved in the accident.

Dimpu Baruah CCTV Footage Full Video Explained

Later, as soon as possible, he rushed to the hospital to get treatment and he was with his friend during his ride. He got treatment in a nearby hospital and told all the incidents that took place with him. His other friend also told about the whole accident and even, he shows his hand’s X-ray when the doctor was checking his reports.

It is really upsetting news for his fans that he was struck in an accident. Many fans are praying for his fast recovery. Later, he continued his journey and rushed to the hotel to have some rest. Even, he reached to another hospital to got treatment from a doctor.

Dimpu Baruah is an Indian tech Youtuber who always uploads some amazing and easy to perform videos on his channel, He was born on July 6, 1995, and is now, running his own Youtube channel and earned a huge fan following on various platforms. According to recent sources, he has 13.6 lakh subscribers on the Youtube channel and uploaded 854 videos. He was born in Nalbari, Assam and his father has his own occupation in Guwahati.


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