The research on Earth’s interior parts brings new findings of the deep secret of the earth. Two separate teams of scientists discovered the newly hidden minerals which are trapped inside a diamond from two different locations.

In the first case, a geologist at theUniversity of British Columbia, Maya Kopylova and a Ph.D. student Nestor Korolev discovered a new mineral inside a diamond from the Cullinan mine of South Africa. This mine is a famous all over the world for its high quality of gem diamond.

At first, the team doesn’t know about the material that they found inside the diamonds, but after initial analysis, it is found to be a grain of perovskite. This material which they found had never seen before in the samples, and the first reaction after finding the material is that it may be a mistake in our analysis as stated by Mr.Korolev.

The team used X-rays to know that the materials that are trapped inside the diamonds are perovskite. It is a long believe that the earth’s interior is made of perovskite material, but they cannot prove that as the material is unstable at the earth surface as said by Graham Pearson, professor and team member of earth science at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Diamonds- a place where earth secrets were trapped

It is an important element for the scientists as it is known that the earth interior is build of up this and they are responsible for the internal heat generated by the earth.

In the second case, another team of scientist suggested that the earth interior has a big amount of water. The team identifies two diamond from the mines of Africa and Asia in which water is present in a rare crystalline form known as ice VII or ice seven. This form of water can only be seen in laboratory although this form of water is present inside some watery moons and planets.

The curator of mineralogy, Kim Tait, at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto was studying about the ice VII bearing diamonds. She states that this evidence is directly indicating that the interior of the Earth’s surface has water and also about the different pressure and conditions at different depths of the Earth.

These findings also help us to have an idea about the interior of the Mars whose study suggest that the mantle of Mars absorbs the water.


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