The craze among the youngsters to watch the upcoming episode of the most anticipated series Dhindora is beyond imagination. The series getting much success because of one person. Yes, the guesses are right, we are talking about India’s Best and Most Talented YouTube Bhuvan Bam. The name is extremely prominent in India but his fans are searching to watch his new videos from every corner of the world.

Dhindora Episode 2

His one and only YouTube Channel “BB Ki Vines” holding millions of subscribers and the number is increasing daily at a genuine rate. He is creating his unique videos for a very long time but he gained success very soon because of creative content and funny dialogues.

BB Ki Vines Dhindora Episode 2 Details

The reasons behind his success are not only these as he came to YouTube with a very unique concept that gained everyone’s attention and love. Now, he appearing in a web series with the same concept which is very difficult for him to give promising content and maintaining the excitement level among his millions of fans.

Still, Dhindora Episode 1 was got huge success and views in a very short time. Now his fans are eagerly waiting for Dhindora Episode 2 in which the further story of the series is going to come out.

The series has been directed by Himank Gaur and featuring Bhuvan Bam in lead roles. Yes, lead roles because he played many of the characters in the series in the same way as he played in his vines.

The first episode of the series has been released on 14th October 2021 on his official YouTube Channel “BB Ki Vines”. He takes a long break from social media after he lost his parents due to COVID-19. But, his exciting comeback engages his millions of fans to support him and watch his outstanding work in this web series.

As per the officials, the series has a total of nine characters played by Bhuvan Bam alone. If we talk about the story of the series then it revolves around a character named Babloo Ji who wins a huge lottery. However, it will be exciting to see whether the winning amount will come in BB house as a blessing or a boon.

The further story will reveal some major turns and twists but we are sure that the dose of entertainment and fun will surely hit the pinnacle. The sources claimed that the series contains a total of 8 episodes which will be released every Thursday on YouTube.

BB Ki Vines Dhindora Episode 2 Release Date

Let us also tell you that the series has containing some other stars as well in which Anup Soni and Rajesh Tailag are included. Now, Dhindora Episode 2 is scheduled to hit the YouTube Channel on Thursday, 21st October 2021. The level of the excitement is actually going on the top and the fans are keenly waiting to watch the upcoming episode.

If you want to watch the previous and upcoming episodes of the series then you just need to visit Bhuvan Bam’s YouTube channel “BB Ki Vines”. All the episodes are available for free to watch. It will be actually exciting to see what will happen next in the story. So, stay connected with us to know more information about such exciting topics.


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