Fans are want something different and unique every year to watch on television but the makers give different television series of the same concept. But, not every show is the same because many shows are different in the concept and give many moments that viewers never get in any other television series. One of the most prominent shows named Dhee Champions is a very genuine and toughest dance reality show. All the people are love to watch the dance performance of those people who are coming as a newcomer and give very high competition to the other contestants. Dhee Champions is a dance reality show in which all the contestant giving their awesome performance to impress judges and the audience.

Dhee Champions Winner name

The dance reality shows always getting a very high TRP because of the massive and energetic performances of the contestants. The championship of dance is very tough and the competition of reality show Dhee Champions is at its peak. The show recently gets announced its winner and done a very Grand Finale on the stage. All the fans are amazed after watching the episode of Grand Finale and many fans who don’t know the winner of the show are want to know everything about the Grand Finale.

Dhee Champions Winner Name Piyush

1st runner up Somesh

After the makers give a Grand Finale, everyone thinks that the makers will invite a very reputed and prominent special guest but the Grand Finale not appears with any special guest. The judges of the show named  Shamna Kasim aka Poorna, Sekhar Master and Priyamani will give their judgment in the Grand Finale to all the contestants. Dhee Champions had earlier invited Jr. NTR, Rajamouli and other as a special guest but this season is different due to COVID-19 and the makers give a very simple Grand Finale.

Every fan was want to know the winner but also many fans are supposed that the winner of the show is S Piyush will be the winner of the title. The dance reality show will always come with a very genuine TRP and now all the fans are supporting S Piyush as the winner of the title. Dhee Champions is a very tough competition of dance in which many contestants every year taking participate to win the title and show their amazing and awesome talent to the audience. The winner of the show is S. Piyush and all the fans are excited to know that. So, stay tuned with us to know more about the dance reality show.


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