Dhanteras is a religious festival of Hinduism which is celebrated in the Hindu calendar on the thirteenth lunar day of the Krishna Paksha (thirteenth fortnight) in the month of Kartik. On the day of Dhanteras, Dhanvantari Ji is worshiped who is considered to be the god of Ayurveda. He had acquired knowledge of Ayurveda to save mankind from the disease. This year Dhanteras will be celebrated on 13 November 2020 but some people will celebrate the holy festival of Dhanteras on 12 November.

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Dhanteras Significance

According to mythology, in ancient times there was a sea churning between gods and demons. At that time, Lord Dhanvantari appeared on the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha in Kartik month. It is believed that worshiping Dhanvantari Jii with a true mind leads to the creation of health and wealth. In particular, let us tell you that this day is especially celebrated because of the origin of Lord Dhanvantari on this day and hence this day is celebrated as Dhanteras.

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi

Now we will know about the method of worship of Dhanteras, take an outpost on the evening of Dhanteras and put the red cloth on it and clean it with Ganges water. After that, install the statue of Lord Dhanvantari, Mother Mahalaxmi, and Kubera at the outpost. Light a lamp of ghee and incense sticks in front of the picture. After that, offer red flowers and if possible, also offer lotus flowers.

Shopping for utensils on this day is considered auspicious, so if you have purchased any utensils, jewelry, or metal on this day, then include it in worship. After that recite Stotra, Lakshmi Chalisa, Lakshmi Yantra, and Kubera Stotra. And with this, chant the mantra of Lakshmi and finally offer prasad.

Dhanteras Mahurat

Let us tell you that the auspicious festival of Dhanteras is on Thursday in the temples of Kashi, but in Mathura and Vrindavan this festival will be celebrated on 13 November. According to astrology, the auspicious time of worship will start at 5.32 am and will end at 5: 59 minutes.

It is believed that on this day a person who worships Lord Dhanvantari, Mata Lakshmi, and Kubera with true mind and devotion always has a rain of wealth in his house. Apart from this, the person who worships with true mind gets fame, glory, and fame.



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