Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab where a popular private tuition academy DG Khan Tuition Academy has been trapped in a scandal of sexual assault cases. Some of the video clips are surfing on social media after it was leaked and police have also recovered 20 more sexual videos in a sex scandal case of a private academy in Dera Ghazi Khan.

dg khan leaked video

The police have arrested one suspect who was also involved in this case. In the scandal of the DG Khan Tuition Academy Scandal Video, the suspect of this case who has been identified by police as Javed has been arrested and the police sources say that he was running this academy since 2012.

DG Khan Video Scandal Tuition Academy

The authorities are claiming that they have identified the main suspect of this scandal and those who are involved in this horrific incident will be apprehended by the police soon. The investigation has been already begun and police are investing in every clue related to this case.

One of the district police officers talked to ARY News after the video went viral on the Internet and was watched by millions of people. But later, the video was removed from several websites but some sites are still available on the Internet which is continuously sharing these videos. Along with this, people are searching for the video on Telegram and many more platforms.

According to the police sources, they have identified three portions in the tuition academy where the sexual assault video was recorded with the hidden cameras. The suspect who has been arrested in this video revealed that he used to blackmail those girls to get favors from them after filming their videos through hidden cameras. Later, the police also added that the video has been sent for forensic analysis to verify its authenticity.

DG Khan Tuition Academy Videos

Not only the videos of students went viral on social media but the police also found some teachers’ videos in the academy during their investigation and found more than 20 videos at the moment that was recorded by police.

Police are also believing that there are many more culprits in this case who are totally involved and still they are out from the hands of police. But, they are clearing that all the culprits will be arrested during the investigation.

The case has been registered against all of them and soon, they will be punished by the court. Many sexual assault cases are coming into the headlines for the last few years in which the video was recorded by hidden cameras.


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