Detel Easy Plus is a 2021 electric bike that is all set to serve high-end performance with the care of Nature. So far there was a need for an electric bike which can offer teh best service for our daily life. The Dental Plus Electric Bike has launched in India. It will be one of the best options in this price segment. Currently, teh bike is available with a token booking amount of Rs 1,999.


The Detel Easy Plus gets a 250W motor power that is paired with a 20Ah lithium-ion battery. The available battery will give you up to 4 to 5 hours to achieve 100% charge. A company claiming that after the full charge it will cover 60km distance. As we know everybody wants a high-speed bike. The company claims Detel Easy Plus can achieve 25kmph speed.

Detel Easy Plus electric bike boasts of powder-coated, It is an alloy body. Dental Plus comes with the outstanding digital features in the panel.

If we talk about the tyres so it will come with the tubeless feature, drum brakes and pedals which you will not get in another model. The Detel Easy Plus can hold up to 170+


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