A men’s name has been revolving on social media and everyone is keen to know about him. Netizens are claiming that the person lived a double life. Well, it sounds weird but we have to find the reality that how can a person live a double life? According to the sources, a New Jersey-based software developer, Alexei Saab lived a double life as a “sleeper agent” for the Islamic militant group Hezbollah, and also scouted terror targets in the New York City. It was said by federal prosecutors on Monday during the start of his trial.

who is alexei saab

As per the New York Posts, a US Citizen known as Mr Saab has been living in the country since 2008 and was arrested by the feds in 2019 and charged with several counts including providing terror weapons to the terrorist organizations and spreading terrorism in the country. On Monday, April 25, Mr Saab faced a trial in one of the many New York City buildings where he was accused of plotting a bomb.

Who Is Alexei Saab?

While the reports say that the former sleeper agent for Hezbollah which is a Lebanese Shia Islamist political party and militant group, moved to the US in 2000 from Lebanon to led the secret mission for citizenship and also plan a future attack on behalf of the militant group. The Assistant US Attorney Samuel Adelsberg said in a statement at his trial on Monday, April 25 that Saab, who appeared as a normal law-abiding citizen, gathered intelligence on few Big Apple landmarks, tunnels, and bridges. Samuel Adelsberg added,” He posed as a regular guy. He had a job as a software developer. In fact, you will learn that on paper the defendant lived a normal life in the United States when in reality, he was a sleep agent for Hezbollah who was all set to strike in the country.

According to the sources, Alexei Saab has been a citizen of the country since 2008. He was recruited by the terror organization as a college student in Lebanon, as per the prosecutors. He rose up to his ranks, and enlisted in the “external security organization”. Later, the organization dispatched Mr. Saab and other sleeper agents to various countries in the early 2000s, including the US. They all were put to kill Americans if the US attacks Iran.

He was a Morristown resident, as a regular citizen, allegedly surveilled potential targets for Hezbollah. He has already fixed his targets that include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Midtown tunnel, the George Washington Bridge, and the federal courthouse in Lower Manhattan. He had to determine the location of the place that had weaknesses or any soft spots as a part of his work. Adelsberg said that he determined to cause more maximum damage, where to put these bombs.


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