A person has been taken into custody on Friday night, April 29, 2022, after the ending of the standoff at Baymont by Wyndham that started following the 911 call that was being responded over the shots was being fired inside the hotel room. When police rushed to the place, they exchanged gunfire with a man in a hotel room on Friday night after which he was taken into custody. Well, there is no report regarding to any casualty or wounds of any person. Police also tried to serve him with a commitment order. Keep reading to know more about the details.

A Man Taken Into Custody after Baymont Hotel Shot Out

CityofWaukesha Twitter page tweeted,” There is a tactical situation at the 2100 block of E. Moreland Boulevard, Please stay away from the area”. After police responded to the call, the Law Enforcement was sent to the hotel just before 6 PM when the several officers from a number of Waukesha County Departments took action to block off the streets and evicted the hotel guests as well as other businesses surrounding the hotel at 2111 E. Moreland Blvd. Along with this, a number of armored officers and vehicles responded to the hotel. Now, the person has taken into custody at around 08:45 PM on Friday.

Suspect Arrested After Hotel SWAT standoff in Waukesha

Dennis Angle, Deputy Chief of the Waukesha Police Department said,” What we are dealing with is an issue surrounding shots fired earlier. We have a lot of different resources – attempting to take a suspect into custody right now. There are no injuries reported at this time”. He added that the situation was unfolding. Well, the hotel is situated in a busy commercial area in Waukesha nearly a mile west of the I-94 and Highway 18 interchange. Since the police responded to the call, they urged people to avoid the half-mile radius of the hotel area.

Also, the command post was set up by the officers at the nearby Waukesha Skateland facility. The police crew rushed to the scene at 6 PM Friday after receiving calls about a man screaming at someone outside his hotel room at the Baymont Inn & Suites on E. Moreland Boulevard. Police said that they approached his room and he threatened,” I’m gonna kill you!”. They said that they heard the gunshot and someone approaching the door. When they hear another shot fired from near the closed door, one officer fired a shot from their gun.

Police didn’t share details about the person who was taken to custody. Maybe, the details will be kept private for a while until the investigation begins. Stay tune for more details here.


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