Two most popular American pop star, rapper and songwriter, Kehlani Ashley Parrish who is better known as “Kehlani” and ” Danielle Balbuena, known as “070 Shake” has become one of the trending topics on social media after their relationship was confirmed by them officially through the power of music. According to the sources, the singer released a music video on Thursday, May 25 titled “Melt” and the video showed their relationship in several stages of dreamy romance that attracted millions of fans across the world and gained huge fans. Confirming their relationship seems like a big step, especially when the lyrics are too hard-hitting.

Singer Kehlani confirmed her relationship with rapper 070 Shake

Well, the music video shows them going through some bold moves to broadcast their love for each other. A 27-years-old Kehlani’s words are expressing the singer’s love for the rapper,” I can’t tell where your hair ends and mine begins, If I ain’t have all these tattoos, I would think that it’s your skin”. Along with this, the singer also told about her past relationship and always takes them as a new lesson to be learned. She also spoke to Teen Vogue in May 2020, she said,” Each relationship I went through, I fell like I took a brick from it and put it into my house. If I didn’t learn those lessons, no matter how hard they were, I wouldn’t be the person that I am right now”.

Who Is 070 Shake Kehlani’s girlfriend?

Also, the rapper told that she went to women through a TikTok video. In the since deleted, she said,” I am just gonna f&#king say it because everyone keeps bringing it up to me. They are like, Kehlani, what’s new? I am like, I finally know I’m a lesbian”. Well, it’s f&@king true. I am gay, gay, gay, gay gay”. Simply, after dating rapper YG, finally, she found her love in rapper 070 Shake, tells her Instagram to us. So, let’s check out who is Kehlani’s new girlfriend?

Let us tell you that 070 Shake is one of the popular rappers who is popular by her stage name 070 Shake. She is 24-years-old and gained her fame after releasing a mixtape together titled The 070 Project Chapter 1 in 2016. She released her debut extended play, Glitter in March 2018. The rapper was born in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Before starting her career, she wrote poetry. She recorded some hit songs like Proud and Swervin. She got her stage name from her affiliation with the 070 music collective. Late, the 070 crew had 11 members including artists and producers in the list. Since 070 Shake made her debut in the industry, she has been grabbing huge fame across the world and once again, she is grabbing more attention because of her newly relationship with singer Kehlani.


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