The new update has brought new faces and some new weapons are yet to be unlocked. When some of these loots are reskinned versions of weapons, there are a fair number of the different release. There are over 60 new weapons and armor that can be found in this season and fans has found the Vault of Glass raid. These rewards also include the likes of the sniper rifle Hung Jury 2 and the handgun Fatebringer.

Destiny 2 Season 15 Release Date

This 14 season also flowing and lots of people are enjoying it as it has brought out wholesale changes and they have a bunch of new content that will definitely impress the audience.  However with the end of this season, many are waiting to know what will be in season 15?

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The season has really helped keep Destiny 2 popular, and the fact that people still play it despite it being released in 2017 shows how crucial seasons are in modern gaming. It also saves lots of money for companies and they can still bring out new content and it also saves fans having to buy new games. The new season will start soon after the last season ends. Season 14 will also know as the season of the Splicer and it will be releasing at the end of August and many are expecting season 15 to come out in August.

This is not confirmed if there will be weapons and it also seems like it will be challenging to the machine guns in the game. The information about weapons is. yet or be disclosed. This has not been disclosed yet but there is no doubt that will involve lots of rewards that are unblocked and fans need to unblock as the season going on.

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The rewards will disclose while the new season will release. Exotic items will be seen rarely in this game and when a new season will release soon. Gamers will love to collect those exotics and fans are advised to keep an eye on the new season.

There is a possibility that exotics have already been released on social media. In Destiny 2, the soft cap changes every season and one cannot be ensured on what a soft cap s and also means that if that is below a level and it will pick you up with every passing episode. The roadmaps will reveal when the season 15 launch will be announced. Destiny 2 is a game that means that the new season will be highly appreciated. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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