Who Is Denise Pesina? All About Robert Crimo’s Mother: 5 Facts You Need To Know: The Highland Park shooting incident has seen yet another turn as the mother of the rapper Robert Crimo, who is alleged to be the suspect of the shooting, has appeared and was revealed by the rapper himself. The parents of Robert are known to be Denise Pesina and Bob Crimo. Robert has been alleged of the shooting at Highland Park which caused 6 people to die and more than 30 were injured gravely. The shooting had caused a huge panic among the people that had gone to see and enjoy the Independence Day Parade. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Robert Crimo

Robert Crimo’s Mother Denise Pesina

The rapper is said to be 22 years old and has over 16k followers on Spotify and they listen to him every week. There is still not much information on whether the incident was the result of the violent movies that were hosted on Youtube or something else was the reason. The video was removed on the night of Monday and had been there before, for a long time.

Who is Denise Pesina?

Denise is the mother of Robert who is being suspected of the alleged genocide that took away the lives of many and got others injured. This caused huge chaos as the people were running in panic. They were terrified and wanted to save themselves.

She has been referred to as the mother of Robert in the various official document. She is said to be have worked as an alternative healer for her living. However, there has been heated debates on the internet concerning the issue that whether she is the biological parent of the suspect or not.

She is being asked a lot of questions by the people on the internet as they have scrummaged around facebook to look for her. They have been insistent as to what her relationship with Robert is. There have been many photos of her on Facebook however there is no confirmation that she and Robert are connected in any way whatsoever.

On top of that, she has records of criminal activity herself. She has been taken into custody in the past for the instance of showcasing violent behavior towards a member of her own family. It is reported that she had hit a member of the family which led to incarceration.

Her husband is said to be a known entrepreneur and had even contested for the election of mayor as well, however, he was not quite successful in that venture.

There are still a lot of unknowns in the incident and the authorities have been investigating the matter. We will update you on the matter as soon as there is any official information revealed.


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