Was Denise Pesina Arrested? Robert Crimo Mother Behind The Bar?: It has now become common knowledge that there was a shooting at Highland Park on July 4 in the event of an Independence Day parade that was the highlight of the day. Soon after the shooting incident, the authorities suspected that Robert Crimo would have been behind the shooting. His mother was identified as Denise Pesina. She had attacked a SWAT squad in a violent encounter, as reported. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Denise Pesina

Was Denise Pesina Arrested?

There is a video that was captured by CBS News this Monday in which the woman can be seen yelling and waving at the police authorities at McDaniels Avenue in Highland Park in the event of hunting for her son, Robert.

Robert is also known as Awake and is a rapper who had open-fired from the rooftop and started shooting randomly at the people who had come to watch the parade and was carrying a big rifle with him.

There has been no official news of Denise’s arrest. She had taken the support of the attorney in Chicago, known as Steve Greenberg. Her husband Bob has also been trying to help her.

Who Is Denise Pesina?

The attorney had said that the parents were blamed unfairly for the shooting at Highland Park. The assault rifle that was used in the attack was they were blamed for it. He added that the accusations were not justified and the hate spreading solely on the basis of their son’s action.

He added that the people are trying to make it seem like a parenting issue however the bigger question is how was he able to get military-class assault weapons. This is really concerning if anyone can purchase such weapons with ease and authorities should be concerned about this issue as well.

Denise had been in talks with the police after the shooting incident at Highland Park during the Independence Day celebration. There was also a highlight at the fact that Denise’s company had a mailbox at a UPS location which was not very far away from the scene of the shooting.

The police had sealed off the UPS Store after the shooting, which made it impossible for anyone’s enter.

SWAT Team Drama

Robert’s mother, Denise, was seen on Monday to be shouting at the reporters telling them to get off her land. She was arguing with the SWAT Team and it was considered to be dramatic by some while there were others who could sympathize with the poor lady.

It was really shocking to see people attacking the parents for something that was done by Robert and he was a grown-up who can take responsibility for himself. It is not necessary to jump to conclusions until there is striking evidence to suggest anything.


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