Due to the rising of new cases of COVID-19 from a few days, the Delhi Government has announced the night curfew in the state from 10 pm to 5 am from now till 30th April. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated on Friday that Delhi has faced the fourth wave of COVID-19 and the lockdown will not be announced this time. So the night curfew can be the only option that can be considerable. From the last month, Delhi has registered new cases of COVID-19 which are increasing rapidly. After several meetings, the night curfew decision was mandatory to be taken by Government. The Chief Minister spoke to the press and in a statement, they said that we have examined the situation and took this decision of night curfew from 10 pm to 5 am. The Capital has recorded more than 3500 cases in the last month.

Delhi Night Curfew

With the help of E-pass, People can go to the hospital and grocery shop. Those who are working in night shift in the office, working in private hospitals, medical staff will be allowed with their ID Card. The women who are pregnant or have any serious medical emergency are allowed to go out at night curfew hours. The night curfew will help to examine the movement at night in the city. The states like Maharastra and Rajsthan also gone through the night curfew so the government can check the movement in night hours. More than 1 lakh new cases have been registered in India for 24 hours.

Maharashtra Government announced the weekend lockdown from 8 pm to 7 am. The night curfew in Rajasthan is applied from 8 pm to 6 am. The night curfew has to be applied in the cities which are crowded and have higher chances of spreading COVID-19. The Delhi Government has stated that the Restaurants, Banquet Halls, and CLubs will be closed at night.  There shouldn’t be any kind of gathering will be allowed and Government will not allow that till 30th April. Delhi Police has indicted the 173 people, including the staff of banquet hall and 8 running restaurants and night clubs from last week.

Prior to this, the night curfew was announced on the New Year to avoid the large gathering in the state. The Government has allowed Delhi Police to examine the movement and keep an eye on the public areas to avoid gatherings. There were 5 people who were allowed to be together in any public place. The state will again follow these rules to examine the movement at the night till 30th April. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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