On 10th November 2023, Friday, after a long time, Delhi, NCR received light rain. Do you know that this is very great news? This rain is completely unexpected. And this recent rain is very great because of this rain the air quality has been improved today. As we all have seen in the last days the air quality in Delhi was at its worst situation. But today there is a little improvement in the air pollution. this is surprising and very brilliant news. Rain has been happening since midnight and because of that, there is a lot of improvement in the air quality. Check out the entire article to learn about the weather report.

Delhi-NCR air quality
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There is a great improvement in the air quality in Delhi, NCR today. Ity is because of the light rain. Rain has been happening in Delhi, NCR since midnight. And this rain is helping to improve the air quality situation in Delhi. For some past days the pollution level in Delhi, NCR was at its peak level but today there is a little improvement. This rain has come as a blessing for all the residents of Delhi, NCR. Nobody has seen the disturbance of pollution in the air today. Scroll down.

According to the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research, On 10th November 2023, Friday at 6:07 am the Delhi AQi has been recorded as 407. The map of the AQI Delhi which was prepared by the Central Pollution Control Board still shows clusters of red dots which indicate the hazardous air quality and spread all across the Indo-Gangetic plains. The light rain has shown an improvement in the air quality but there is not a proper improvement.  The Date given by CPCB shows that Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh held the title of being the most polluted city on Thursday but today the AQI of Greater Noida has been recorded as 418.

And same as well as greater Nodia, Bhiwadi in Rajasthan was known as the most polluted area till yesterday but today ots AQI has been recorded at 343. The AQI of Delhi has been recorded at 423, Faridabad, Haryana recorded at 415, Jind, Haryana has been recorded at 429, Nodia has recorded at 383, Purnia, Bihar has recorded at 388, Kaithal, Haryana has recorded at 417, Fatehbad, Haryana has recorded at 371, Murthal, Haryana has recorded at 429, Soniupat, Haryana has recorded at 429, and Manesa, Haryana has recorded at 318. It has been claimed that if the rain continues there is going to be a much greater improvement in air quality in Delhi, NCR.


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