A recent accident has left the people of Rohini scared. Yes, a massive fire that broke out in Rohini Sector 7/8 Divider at around 2.30 pm has left everyone stunned. With the help of sources, it was found that the fire was caused by a short circuit in an electronic shop. Fire tenders reached the spot and were able to stop the fire from spreading. On the other hand, policemen also reached the spot and helped the nearby people to avoid the accident.

 Electronic Showroom

At present, there is no report of any casualty, but due to the very frightening form of the fire, all the goods of the shop were burnt to ashes. At the same time, the shop was filled with electronic items, which helped the fire to spread and the short circuit created an atmosphere of panic in the entire area.

Massive Fire Breaks Out at Rohini Sector 7/8 Divider

Everyone is a little scared and taking care of everything at their home. The recent accident has taught everyone that small negligence can take a very frightening and terrible form.

The present police personnel inspected the accident and saved all the people from that place. Four fire tenders have reached the place to douse the same fire and now the fire has also been brought under control. To save the same people so far two ambulances have also reached the spot. Along with it, four PCRs also arrived at the place to handle the entire situation.

At present, all the rescue teams reached the place in time and the fire was stopped from spreading. So far no loss of life has been reported, only the news of damage to the goods of the shop has come to the fore. As we told that when the fire started, the shop was closed and when the owner of the shop came back, the fire had taken a very severe form. Rescue teams are doing their job and the fire has been brought under control.


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