A very shocking piece of news is coming from Delhi that a low-intensity explosion was reported few meters away from the Emabassy of Israel in Delhi. Yes, On Friday, Police said an explosion occured on a distance of Embassy of Israel. Many people are want to know the entire matter but the officials are cureently investigating the actual matter held on the place. The correct place where the explosion blast is APJ Abdul Kalam Road that is near the Embassy of Israel. The officials recently confirmed that it was the blast because many people think that it is just a rumor that fake netizens are spreading all over the Internet. But, Delhi Police witnessed the incident and confirmed that it was a little blast.

bomb blast

Also, the reports confirmed that there are no injury to any human bieng in the blast. But, the effect of the blast breaks the mirrors of three cars parked at the place that clearly says that the explosion was very dangerous. If any human being was there at the time then it was not ableto survive from the blast. After the blast, the Police investigate and checked Close Circuit Television Cameras on APJ Abdul Kalam Road to know the entire incident that happened at the place. The forensic team was also collect some important samples from the place to find some clue from them.

The official statement of Police Control Room was confirmed that it was Bomb Blast and the Deputy Comissioner of Police Pramod Khushwah rushed to the spot to see the entire matter. He also said that it is too early to say anything about the incident because all the people are in confusion. The same incident near the Embassy of Israel was reported on February 13, 2012 when the sticky bomb placed at the car in which Tal Yehoshua Koren got substained injuries in the blast.

This was the second bomb blast that happened near the Embassy of Israel. Many people are affriad and thinking it was the terrorist attack but no official statement is confirmed that it was terror attack. So, assuming that is wrong thing and the investigation is going on. This time no injury coming in front because when the bomb blast then there are no human being at the place. So, we will update all the information and details regarding the incident.


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