On Friday, January 22, 2021, the Youtube Channel namely Dekh News has been hacked by Crypto Fraudsters at around 3:30 AM as per IST. The anonymous hacker changed the channel name from Dekh News to ‘[FUND ETH] News Interview‘ and started a live stream on Crypto Scam. When the live stream started there were around 670 viewers were online and watching the live stream. In that live stream, the unknown fraudsters rank the video with the title “Ethereum Price TOPS $2400! | Ethereum News & ETH Updates ETH Special Event: Vitalik Butterin“.

The channel link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCVfEIHTGcICkQQ-toBNcxw and the channel was almost 1 year old. Dekh News had approx 800 videos. The deleted Dekh News Channel was all about the latest worldwide news, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, and other trending topics. With a huge hard work and dedication, Dekh News gained a targeted audience in the particular mention period, The result of their hard work is no more remains due to this disgusting action by the fraudsters.

The Crypto Fraudsters changed the profile picture also and removed the Official logo of Dekh News. Here are screenshots in which you can see the official logo on the social media buttons.


There was no verification mail was sent to the owner for verifying the action at the time of changing the channel name. The notification of Live stream also not received by Channel owners as well as Subscribers.

The channel owner got only one Mail which was sent from Youtube India after they permanently removed the channel. The mail screenshot is here in which you can see, Youtube India inform the channel owner regarding the deletion of the channel due to the violation of community guidelines, which were not performed by the Dekh News.

To get rid of this, Dekh News Team Contact YouTube Via Live Support. After knowing all the situation facts regarding this fraud Youtube Promised to send mail that will guide Dekh News for the further procedure to get the channel back or to get the backup of uploaded videos.

So, In the end, a question that arises is that not everyone’s’ account is safe or youtube privacy is not strong enough to hold or secure your account??? What should the people do???


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