Flex Comix publishing company is back with another Japanese original short anime television series called “Deji” Meets Girl. The new television series is coming with the first episode and fans are going more crazy to watch the first episode of the animation series. The series is written by Akane Malbeni and published by Flez Comix.

Deji Meets Girl Season 1 Episode 1

Ushio Tazawa is a director and music is given by Hiroshi Nakamura. Since the announcement made for the first season or episode of the new series, fans are eagerly waiting to watch this new series as the hype of the anime series has been increasing and fans love to watch this series for the past long years.

Well “Deji” Meets Girl is going to have its international premiere at the 25th Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal in Late August. That was the day of screen closing. This anime series will show you some mysterious incidents that happen around the school girls called Higa Maise.

The first glimpse of the series showed amazing thrilling of around two minutes and showing the thrilling life of Higa. The total number of episodes has not been confirmed yet. Let’s look at the life of Higa and Icjhirou’s encounter below and some other important details of the anime series.

“Deji” Meets Girl Season 1 Episode 1: Summary

Higa Miase begins to work at their family’s hotel during her summer vacations at the front desk. She is a first-year school girl who earns money on part-time jobs. Along with this, she meets Suzuki Ichiro at the hotel who came to Tokyo as a guest.

Suzuki is a mysterious youth guy who loves to travel alone and Deji’s things starts to happen in Maise She goes inside her room and a giant Banyan trees appeared through the hotel ceiling. The meaning of Deji words is “totally” and “Very”.

Along with the main character Higa Miase, there will be some more important characters in the series including Suzuki, Ichiro, Kaisei Higa, and Teruko Higa. They are all the main characters of the series and some mysterious things happen around them. Ichirou Suzuki is the guy who attends the same school as Higa.

He always loves to wear a red t-shirt and blue eyes. On the other side, Ichiro love to live like a gangster and his life is totally secret. Every character of the series has its own story and all these will be revealed in the series.

Deji Meets Girl Season 1 Episode 1 Watch Online

The watchers will not have to wait for a long day because the makers are going to release the first episode on October 3, 2021, and the episode will come with the title “Is This Normal in Okinawa?” While some of the people are searching for the official streaming platform so, Crunchyroll & Funimation are the official airing platform of the series and it will be premiered at 1:52 AM JST. If you are not in Japan so, you can watch the official Youtube channel.


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