Who Is Dejan Sverko? Meet Adventurer And Spearfishing Enthusiast: Dejan Sverko has started to rise in fame recently. He is an Adventurer as well as a Spearfishing Enthusiast who has started creating videos that have been gaining momentum and rising quickly. Dejan Sverko is also a personal trainer. It hasn’t been very long since he started publishing videos and has uploaded a total of 44 videos only. But, those 44 videos have crossed the 30 million view mark and a total of 34.6 million views and still counting…, also the channel has more than 200k subscribers. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Dejan Sverko

Who Is Dejan Sverko?

As mentioned earlier, he is a personal trainer, adventurer, and spearfishing enthusiast. There is not much personal detail available on the internet as he is still a new and rising personality on the internet. He rose to fame very quickly and there was not enough time for the internet to dig up his details.


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The content that has made him popular is mostly based on fishing and his Instagram account also has many pictures of him where he is standing with the fish he has caught.

Dejan Sverko Biography

Dejan also appears to be single and there are no details on his relationship history as well. It looks like having fun in the ocean is his passion and maybe this passion is what got him to rise up so fast.

He can be seen currently in Indonesia, hanging out and having fun making his videos. He has said that he will keep working on improving his skills in Spearfishing and also enjoy himself on the seas.

Dejan Sverko Net Worth

While he is only a newcomer he has gained popularity very fast there are not many details revealed on his net worth. But, there have been estimates that say that Dejan’s Net worth is around $25,000.

The estimate is based on the revenue that he earns from his video which is between $760 and $2,353. This makes us believe that the net worth of the rising star can range from $22k to $38k.

Dejan Sverko Video Creator

The monthly earnings of the Youtuber from his channel can be ranging from $387 to $1,372. All these numbers are subject to change and may even rise much more since it is still a growing channel. The channel has more than 34 million views with a subscriber count of 203k and is still counting…

Have you watched his videos yet? If yes, then tell us how did you like them? What do you think about Dejan, Will he keep rising, or is it just a one-time viral thing? Share your thoughts with us.


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