Debunked: Is R Kelly Escaped From Jail In 2022?: A rumor is spreading like about a fire that R Kelly has escaped from jail and this is now getting viral on the internet people are searching for this news to know the truth. This rumor started with an Instagram post in which it was mentioned that R kelly has escaped from jail. If you don’t know why he got arrested and who is he so here we have described all the information which will help you to know about the whole matter. So in this article, we have mentioned him and why he was arrested, and if he escaped from jail. Let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On

R Kelly

Who Is R Kelly?

He was born on 8th January 1967 in Chicago. He is a popular American writer, rapper, and record producer. He has five siblings his mother was a teacher and he has a stepfather named Lucious who worked in an airline. His music inspiration was ‘LULU’ who is the girlfriend of him when he was just eight but she died after a fight and was pushed down into the river which had the current. He was also sexually abused by a female member of his family and he was never told about this incident because he was scared of that woman.

Why was R Kelly Arrested?

In June he was indicted for child pornography in Chicago and he was also arrested for this crime in the same month but just after a night, he got released after paying 750,000. But Jury didn’t find him guilty and released him but after some days a piece of evidence caught the police and he pleaded guilty to the case. He was then charged with jail for thirty years as stated by Guardian. Now the rumors are coming that he escaped from jail. Let’s find out if this is true or not.

Is R Kelly Escaped From Jail?

The rumors are spreading after an Instagram post that says that R Kelly has left jail and ran away and people are now curious to know the truth. So the truth is this is fake news and he is now in jail. The post is fake just to bring false information to the users. This news is confirmed by USA Today and shared in the database of the Federal Bureau Of Prison. So we don’t have to worry as this is a piece of false information shared by a fake user.


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