Debunked: Is Drake Kiss The Weeknd On Stage?: Social media users are witnessing a number of rumors about the two iconic rappers The Weeknd and Drake. You may have also come across the rumors that claim the two rappers locked lips on stage during a concert. Yes, you heard it right many social media posts are claiming Drake kissed The Weeknd while performing at a concert. Can you believe this? We know it is strange and awkward to listen but some social media posts are spreading this news. Is this news true or just a publicity stunt? These may be the questions that are popping up in your mind after reading this news. However, we have come up with this column to make it clear if The Weeknd and Drake kissed each other or not. And we will also tell you why this story is evolving and what element is fueling it. So keep reading this article. Follow More Updates On


Is Drake Kiss The Weeknd On Stage?

We have no doubt in the fact that The Weeknd and Drake both have an enormous fan following throughout the globe and their fans always remain crazy to listen to them and this is the reason this story picked up speed just like a wildfire. Meanwhile, many have been perplexed regarding the ongoing discussion about the two rappers. However, we have found the reason why this story started traveling. Take a look below to learn more about the kiss scandal between The Weeknd and Drake.

As per the source, the ongoing scandal or kiss rumors are bogus. Yes, we debunked the rumors of The Weeknd and Drake’s kiss. And we have also got the reason for the popularity of this kiss rumor. In 2017 both rappers shared the stage and performed together in London and that was the moment from where this story started evolving now it is going viral on every social media stage.

A video from the London show that happened back in 2017 is spreading the baseless rumors of The Weeknd and Drake’s kiss. In the viral video, both iconic rappers hugged each other but they did not kiss each other. But both went too close to each other that is why some of their fans thought they kissed each other. But the reality is totally different. This was the time when The Weeknd and Drake performed at the O2 Arena in March 2017. Stay tuned to this page.


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