Debra Jeter Real-Life Murder Case: Where Is Debra Jeter, Daughter, Kelsey Jeter?: It is being prepared by us to make you informed about the convicted murderer named Debra Jeter passing. Yes, the lady who killed her daughter and injured her other years back has left this world. We are talking about Debra Jeter in this article, Debra Jeter was a convicted murderer. The latest released statement informed us that Debra Jeter passed away. Follow For More Updates

Debra Jeter

Debra Jeter Real-Life Murder Case

Since the news of Debra Jeter’s death surfaced on the internet people have started scrounging web pages to learn who was Debra Jeter and what she did years back for which she was serving in jail? There is a gruesome story of Debra Jeter in which she killed brutally her daughter. Meanwhile, we have shared a sneak peek of her brutality in the further placed sections of this article. Kindly take a peek below to gather the collective information related to Debra Jeter.

Debra Jeter was 33 years old when she was arrested for killing her own daughter. Debra Jeter pleaded guilty to killing her daughter. According to the source, Debra Jeter was charged with one count of first-degree murder of her daughter and one count of attempting to murder her other daughter. Meanwhile, Debra Jeter said sorry to her survived daughter and husband before moving to prison. Fetch more about Debra Jeter in the next section.

Where Is Debra Jeter, Daughter, Kelsey Jeter?

According to the source, Debra Jeter was taken to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Prison Unit located in Gatesville. Prior to traveling to Criminal Justice Prison Unit, the court announced the life sentence against Debra Jeter and she was not allowed to get parole under any circumstance. Meanwhile, she met with her husband Lee Jeter before going to the jail and she said sorry to her daughter with whom Debra Jeter also shared laughter moments. Kindly read more about her in the next section.

On June 5, 2009, she was sent to prison for being guilty in the murder case of her daughter. However, Debra Jeter was the guy who also informed the police of her gruesome killing of her daughter. Debra Jeter made a call to 911 and reported that her daughter had been killed by her. Police reported to her home, after arriving police found Debra Jeter’s 12 years old daughter named Kelsey Leanne Jeter stabbed and died while her other daughter named Kiersten Leigh Jeter who was 13 years old was found injured in the bedroom. Stay tuned to this page.


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