Hungarian Women League 2021-22 is back with another handball match of the league in which, both teams are getting ready to play the fantastic match tonight. Along with the teams, fans of the league are also ready to watch the match with their loved ones. If you want to watch this match on the handball court, the audience needs to buy the tickets for the match before it starts.


While the tickets will available on the official website of the league. Tonight, we will get to see team DVSC Schaeffler W (DEB) and the team ERD Noi Kezilabda (ERD) on the handball court. It is interesting to watch both the teams on the handball court.

DEB vs ERD Live Score

The match is about to start in a few hours and we can see in the point table that both teams have played 6 matches each and along with this, the performances of the teams are different from each other. Maybe, some fans have already shared the result of the match before its starts.

We are going to share some important details of the match which are important to share with every fan. If you are searching for the match venue, timings, place, squad, lineups players, and many more details, we have all the information available for you.

DEB vs ERD: Match Details

  • Team Names:- DVSC Schaeffler W (DEB) vs ERD Noi Kezilabda (ERD)
  • League:- Hungarian Women League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Hódos Imre Sportcsarnok
  • Date:- Friday, November 05, 2021
  • Time:- 10:30 PM IST

DEB vs ERD: Team Squad

DVSC Schaeffler W (DEB):- Ann-Cathrin Giegerich, Vanessa Torda, Kyra Csapo, Rebeka Arany, Mariana Costa, Mira Vamos, Liliana Csernyanszki, Mirtill Petrus, Dorina Korsos, Petra Tovizi, Reka Bordas, Luca Laura Poczetnyik, Karyba Yezhykava, Dora Hornyak, Panna Vamosi, Petra Vamos, Nina Szabo, Szinmonetta Planeta, and Anna Kovacs.

ERD Noi Kezilabda (ERD):- Greta Hadfi, Rebeka Gyorkos, Lilla Csaki, Reka Kiraly, Bernandett Bodi, Bozsana Fekete, Laura Mezes, Sara Paroczy, Reka Sztankovics, Orsolya Monori, Dana Abilda, Aleksandra Vukajlovic, Kitti Szabo, Noemi Mod, Gabriella Landi, Mariann Koka, Dora Horvath, and Barbara Kopecz.

DEB vs ERD: XI Lineups Player

DVSC Schaeffler W (DEB):- Vanessa Torda, Mariana Costa, Miritill Petrus, Reka Bordas, Anna Kovacs, Panna Vamosi, and Karyna Yezhykava.

ERD Noi Kezilabda (ERD):- Rebeka Gyorkos, Reka Kiraly, Laura Mezes, Reka Sztankovics, Orsolya Monori, Kitti Szabo, and Dora Horvath.

DEB vs ERD: Match Prediction

Fans are excited to watch this amazing match because the league has been introducing some fabulous matches since the league has started. Team DEB is standing on the 3rd spot with 6 matches in which they won 5 matches and lost a single match.

On the other side, team ERD is standing on the last means 14th spot with 6 matches and just won a single match. According to the sources, team DEB has more chances to win this match.


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