What Is DearNothing Controversy? Nothing Phone (1) Triggers Controversy In India: Here we are to discuss the current trending hashtag on Twitter. #DearNothing is trending right now on Twitter but a report is claiming that many users from South India are not happy with the startup based in London. Recently, Nothing startup addressed the issue on Twitter by posting a statement. And shortly after that, a hashtag started trending on Twitter which is #DearNothing. In India, #DearNothing is trending in the first place but what lead it to get the first place. As per the source, the London-based startup “Nothing” just launched its phone this is the reason #DearNothing is trending at the top. But it is seeming that the South Indian fans club of Nothing is unhappy with the launch of Nothing Phone 1. Let’s explore this story in the further placed sections of this article. Scroll down the page for more details. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

DearNothing Controversy

What Is DearNothing Controversy?

The hashtag witnessed a big influx from the Southern states’ tech community that are criticizing and taunting Carl Pei for his new venture “Nothing”. However, the criticism and taunts are unrelated to the launch event of Nothing Phone 1 and its specifications. The fans of the former OnePlus founder are not happy with his Nothing brand. What helped the hashtag #DearNothing to trend on the top? Learn this in the following section of this article.

DearNothing Controversy Trending on Twitter

This hashtag started trending on Twitter when a renowned Indian Youtuber widely popular as “Prasadtechintelugu” posted a new video on the same day of the launch of Nothing Phone 1. The Youtuber posted a funny prank video on Youtube in which he is unboxing Nothing Phone 1 and the box of the Nothing Phone 1 turned out to be empty, with nothing in it except a letter. The Youtuber kept on reading the letter, and says, “Hi Prasad, this device is not for people from South India, Thank You”. This is the reason hashtag #DearNothing is trending since Nothing launched its Phone 1.

DearNothing Controversy Explained

The Youtuber created the video to protest Phone 1 and he also gave his reviews on Phone 1. After that hashtag #DearNothing swiftly started trending on Twitter and hundreds of users from the Indian market are criticizing Nothing on Twitter for a letter that Nothing company never sent to Prasad Youtuber. People took Prasad’s prank seriously and started criticizing London-based company Nothing on social media. Stay tuned to this page for more details.


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