‘Dead to Me’ fans, here is important news for you. The show is ready to get rolled on Netflix soon! Yes, isn’t it exciting? The dark comedy season second has got it’s date. The makers have released the teaser of the successive one on Friday, along with the date of the release. Though there is no information available for the story but we certainly know that it will be available to your screens on May 8.

The first season became very popular for it’s dark humor and well received by the audience and the critics around the globe. It had emotions, fun and freshness, the perfect combination to pull the watchers in. So, in case you have missed the first season watching, here is a quick recap for you. Season 1 of Dead to Me follows the story of two women who meet where they are in the worst situation of their life.

So, Jen enacted by Christina Applegate grieving with the loss of her husband, Ted, unable to cope up the situation, she joins a grief support group. While attending, she meets Judy enacted by Linda Cardellini and quickly gets along well with each other and it goes to a point where Jen invites Judy to live at her home with her family and then marks the beginning of the revelations between them. Jen tries to find the real reason for her husband’s death and in the process she discovers that Judy has been lying and that Steve is alive and well. Later, Judy apologizes and clarifies that her unhappiness is due to multiple miscarriages, and she blames that as the failure of her relationship with Steve.

Dead to Me Season 2

When season 1 ended, it left many of us at the edge, the reason being, Dead to Me concluded with us finding that Judy and her ex fiance Steve had murdered Jen’s husband. Jen asks Judy to vacate home and die. But, call her back urgently and the show ends where they find Steve’s body floating in the pool and both of them standing beside the pool with Judy holding a gun. But, hey hey, there is a spoiler for you.

We all are believing that Jen might be Judy’s husband’s killer, and Jen and Judy are going to hate one another and seek revenge. However, here is the plot spin. Makers claim that the ending of the season might not be as per what the audience is thinking and that we believe Jen killed steve we’re wrong here. Here’s everything we know about the future of the Golden Globe-nominated show so far.

Now that we know that there are many upturns coming up, we can’t contain our excitement. Catch the second part of the series on Netflix this May.


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