Does David Trimble have an Illness? Former Northern Ireland first minister dies: We are extremely saddened to share this news among you all that David Trimble who was the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland passed away at the age of 77 due to some health illness. His death news was confirmed by his family and they also said that he died peacefully surrounded by family. People are shocked after hearing the passing news of David and now they are searching for this news to know the cause of his death. If you are here to know more about him and the reason for his death so you are in the right place. So, let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On

david trimble illness

Who Was David Trimble?

He was born on 15th October 1944 and he was the first minister of Northern Ireland. He completed his high school at Bangor Grammar School and he completed his graduation from the Queen University Of Belfast and holds a degree in Law. He became a lecturer at the university for many years. and a senior lecturer in 1977 but he resigned from his post when he was elected to Parliament. On 8th September he won the elections of the UUP and defeat the other three candidates Joh Taylor and the other two.

Does David Trimble have Illness?

He had married twice at first he married Heather McComb but they didn’t have any baby from that marriage he then divorced her in 1976 and married a former student named Daphne Elizabeth and from this marriage they had two sons & two daughters named Victoria, Richard, Sarah and Nicholas. His son Nicholas is now working with the Unionist Party and serving his city. His daughter Vicky married her girlfriend Rosalind Stephans as he was against this marriage. His health conditions started worse after this incident and he doesn’t take care of his body and died at the age of 77.

How Did David Trimble Die?

He passed away on 25th July 2022. As per information, he was seventy-seven years old and he was suffering from some illness and his health conditions got worse and he was also admitted to the hospital for several days first his condition get okay but after some days his condition got worst and he died peacefully surrounded by his family. He will be missed by everyone and his family didn’t release the obituary details of him till now but our team will update you when we latest information about his obituary details. May David Rest In Peace.


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