Darius Lee Death Scene Video Footage – Houston Baptist University basketball player killed in shooting at gathering in East Harlem: The Father’s Day week is not proving to be good as various incidents and accidents have been reported in the last few days. Nevertheless, we have got to know about a shooting incident that happened on Monday morning 21st June 2022. Reportedly, a number of people became victims of the shooting incident that happened at a rally in Harlem. People are searching for Harlem shooting events as this news has created havoc on the internet and the situation has been turmoiled. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Darius Lee

How did Darius Lee die?

However, the New York Police Department reported to the scene and started an intensive investigation. But there are several people who have lost their lives in the shooting incident that happened at a rally in Harlem. Is there any report about the victims? Yes, the NYPD has issued a statement and identified a victim. We have mentioned the released information in the next sections of this article.

Darius Lee Death Scene Video Footage

According to the source, roughly nine people became victims of the incident and among the nine victims who have perished and were pronounced dead as of yet, we have got the identity of one victim. Darius Lee is the name of a basketball player who unfortunately became the victim of the Harlem shooting incident. As per the source, Darius Lee was just 21 years old and he was a basketball player but who knew this could also happen.

Darius Lee Cause of Death?

As per NYPD, the shooting incident happened on East 139th Street around 12:40 AM at Fifth Avenue. Police also claimed that they discovered five people injured by gunshots under the Madison Avenue bridge on the sidewalk of Roosevelt Freeway. Meanwhile, the officers of NYPD also took every victim of the shooting to the hospital. Following the shooting incident, the chief of NYPD named Kishan Swwell released a statement. Learn this in the next section.

Kishan Sewell stated that the powerful people in charge of this are the very same people our officials fight every day to keep New York safe. If we talk about the victims, there are seven male and two female, victims, in the shooting event. Among the nine victims, only one has been identified, Darius Lee, 21. Now people have set their keek eyesight to learn the identities of the other victims of the shooting. Meanwhile, the shooter is also yet to be identified and caught. Stay tuned to this page for more details and information.


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