Dante Bichette Jr Abuse Story Explained: A post shared by Dante Bichette on Instagram in which she said that his father Dante Bichetter abused him and his mother & brother and now he can’t tolerate this anymore. People are now curious to know the abuse story of Dante Jr. He said that he was abused and domestic abuse by his father and this news is now getting viral on the internet. His elder brother Bo is now supporting him for this as he was also going through the same situation. If you are here to know about them and the detailed story about their domestic abuse so you are in the right place. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Dante Bichette Jr Abuse Story

Who Is Dante Bichetter Jr?

He was born on 26th September 1992. now he is a free agent but he is a professional American baseball third baseman and also a first baseman. He participated in the 2005 Little League World Series in which he played 30 games and batted .640 at Orangewood Christan High School. He was also picked by New York Yankees in the 2011 MLB draft with the 51st pick. He also made his league debut with GCL Yankees. On 31st May 2020, he was released by Washington Nationals and he played for a total of eleven years in this field.

Abuse Story Of Dante Bichette Jr.

He shared a post on Instagram in which he mentioned how his father did domestic abuse them including his mother. He said that his father tortured them badly and he has tortured them for a long period of time. He said that he has seen his brother getting tortured by his father at the age of 11. He also said on Instagram in a question-answer part that he wasn’t leading that life they think their father kept them away from. He also revealed that he protect his younger brother from his father and started bleeding and this happened when he was just eleven.

Mother Of Dante Bichette Jr

His mother’s name is Mariana Bichette who transferred to Brazil. She was just eighteen years old when she came to Dante and after two years she fell in love with Dante and married and was blessed with two children named Bo and Dante Jr. Now Bo is also a professional baseball player who has won many matches. A horror incident shared with him that she was pregnant with Bo and hit her in the face in the car and his mom just cried and did nothing.


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