What Happened To Danny Keiderling? Accident In Wyoming Father Paralyzed: An incident has changed the life of the family as a man named Danny Keiderling met in an accident in Wyoming and his whole body got paralyzed and no one is there to take care of his family so a gofundme page is created by a person which will help the family and the treatment for him. People are shocked by the incident which happened to him as he was the best person with a great nature and that is why people are now coming forward to help him. We have shared the data related to this news so let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

danny keiderling accident

Who Was Danny Keiderling?

As per information he was born & raised in Gilette, California. If we talk about his family background he is married and his wife’s name is Brittany Lee Betz & he is also having a daughter which now just seven months named Emberly Keiderling. By profession, he is a welder at Western Welding academy but is now met in a tragic accident, and his body parts are now paralyzed this news has shaken his family, and now they need help as no one is there to help them with the basic needs.

Danny Keiderling Accident: How Did He Paralyze?

He met in an accident after which his body got paralyzed from the chest and the lower part of his leg on the left side. He is then sent to the hospital immediately and now he has to spend a minimum of six months in the hospital a year can also be taken after seeing his condition and money is needed for the medications and the treatment. His family is now shaken as he has a seven months daughter and his wife cannot handle all the expenses and other things alone so a fund page is raised by him.

Details Of GoFundMe Page For Danny Keiderling

A GoFundMe page is created to raise money for the expenses and for his family by Crystal Sisneros in Wyoming. As he has to spend a year in the hospital for the treatment. His expenses are a flight to the hospital and he also spent 18 days in ICU and he also suffered a surgery of neurosurgery for eight hours and now he has to be in hospital for many months so this page is created so people can donate the money and the money will be helpful for these expenses.


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