Social Media is the only way to become anyone star in just one night like a Pakistani Girl named Dananeer Mobin. Today, everyone knows the Pawri Girl on social media because she went extremely viral on every social media platform in just one night. The video created another sensation of introducing parties with friends. The way she was told about her party with friends like by millions of people in India and her video become very popular over the internet. Many people still wanted to know the entire matter and we will be providing here the full description of the video to give you the perfect information about the video.

Dananeer Mobin Viral

If we describe the video then Mobin holding the phone and recording the video in which she saying this is our car, this is us and this is our party. In the way, she talking loved by many fans and this is the main reason she went viral on social media. The actual pronunciation of the word Party in the video is Pawri. After that, the word troll by many memes page members and appear in thousands of memes. Apart from netizens, many Bollywood stars and prominent personalities also shared their video in their own style of the same concept. Let us also tell you that Dananeer Mobin is 19 years old. She lives in Peshawar, Pakistan.


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After the video hit the internet then Dananeer said she made this video when she went to visit Nathia Gali, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. When she and her friends stayed at the place where they eat food then she made the video and upload it on her Instagram account. The official video shared by Dananeer had a caption “Burgers after moving to northern areas: It is becoming our Pauri.” After the video become a sensation then 4 lakh 32 thousand followers started to follow Dananeer on her Instagram account. The video received over 27 Lakh views sometime after she uploads the video.

The flood of memes on social media become the video more viral and give a boost to the number of followers on the official account of Dananeer Mobin. Another best part of Dananeer Mibin is she is a makeup and fashion artist who makes videos about mental health. The second or nickname of Dananeer is Gina. She also describes herself on her Instagram account as a dog lover, she does food blogging, and also loves singing and painting. Now, Dananeer Mobin went viral on social media and many people are start following her to know more about her. So, stick with us for more details and updates.


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