Damaad Ji Season-2 (Palang Tod) ULLU Web Series: Web series have become the order of the day. Many of us are fond of watching this content on the regular basis. Similarly, the second part of Damaad Ji is going to release on June 7, 2022. This is one of the most loved and shared web series in India. People are bent on watching this kind of scandal which is why the star cast of the series had to work again on this series. The first season of this series was nothing but a went the extra mile to fulfill the public demand. Damaad Ji Season-2 (Palang Tod) ULLU Web Series

Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season-2 ULLU Web Series Watch All Episodes Online Download,

Damaad Ji Season-2 (Palang Tod): Cast Real Name

The famous web series of India Palang Tod Damaad Ji Season 2 has a separate fan base and it is being loved by the audience. Last Part was highly successful hence new is set to release on 7 June 2022 and Rajsi Verma, Sebashish Nayak, and Aayushi Verma will be in the lead role of this web series. It comes in the Hindi language and the category of the series is Romance.

Manmeet Singh Sodhi is the director of this web series. The fans who love online platforms are not able to hold their horses and are very excited to watch this Palangtod adult fun by Damaad Ji.

The star cast is also excited to see the response of the audience so that they can also work on more than it. It is highly expected by the citizen of India because the last season of this web series was loved by the public and this time it will be tremendous to watch this series again.

Damaad Ji Season-2 (Palang Tod): Storyline & All Episodes 

The story of Palangtod Damaad Ji is clear by its name, Character who plays the role of Damaad has a love affair with his mother-in-law and he has to satisfy her along with his wife. There are different chemistry that easily can be searched in the second part of Palangtod Damaad Ji.

This web series is made for the adult section of society. It will be watched on the channel of Ullu and the promo has been checked on the official account of Ullu on Instagram as well as this web series is coming to people on 2022, June, 7. Let’s see if it will compete with the same potential or will make the producer and star cast feel down. So hold your horses and tight your seat belt for watching this amazing web series which is made by the Ullu channel and share your love in the comment section.

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