We have been waiting to watch the next absolutely amazing match of the wonderful league, Saudi Arabian League 2021. The league has already shown some of the best matches of the league and once again, the league is coming with one more match tonight. Fans have been watching some of the best matches of each team and again, they will get to see one more match.

DAM vs HAZ Live Score

Tonight, team Damac FC (DAM) and team Al Hazm (HAZ) will come in front of each other on the football ground and play a wonderful match to win. Let us tell you that the league will also introduce some more matches tonight but these teams have a separate fan base among watchers.

DAM vs HAZ Live Score

Along with this, the league has a total of 16 teams and each team has played more than 5 matches. Team DAM has played 8 matches and on the other side, team HAZ has also played 8 matches. So, both teams will play their 9th match of this league and it will be interesting for all the watchers.

Fans also buy the tickets of the match from an online platform to watch this on the ground. While they can also watch the live streaming of the football match on their big screens. Are you excited for this upcoming match of the league?

DAM vs HAZ: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Damac FC (DAM) vs Al Hazm (HAZ)
  • League:- Saudi Arabian League 2021-22
  • Venue:- Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Stadium, Khamis Mushait
  • Date:- Friday, October 22, 2021
  • Time:- 08:50 PM IST

DAM vs HAZ: Team Squad

Damac FC (DAM):- Mansour Hamzi, Omar Al-Mzeal, Mohammed Alzubaidi, Farouk Chafaï, Mohmad Atiah, Abdulaziz Al-Shahrani, Abdullah Al-Samtai, Hassan Alshammrani, Moustapha Zeghba, Ousman Malloum Hassan, Mohamed Hassan, Abdulrahman Alqahtani, Sami Kassar, Mohammed Al-Shahrani, Abdullah Al Ghamdi, Aubin Kouakou, Abdullah Khtab, Bandar Baajaj, Ayman Al-Hujaili, Sultan Msrahi, Abbas Shengeeti, Mohammed Jassem, Ramzi Sawlan, Muteb Hamad, Arif Al-Haydar, Mansour Almuwallad, Abdullah Al-Amar, Sergio Vittor, and Cristian Lema.

Al Hazm (HAZ):- Karim Yoda, Thaar Al-Otaibi, Ola John, Ibrahima Tandia, Ahmad Al-Najei, Ibrahim Albarakah, Neris, Ahmed Al Shamrani, Naif Mousa, Salem Hamdan, Abdullah Alshamri, Carlos Strandberg, Pato, Alison, Tiago Rodrigues, Abdulaziz Al Nashee, Vladimir Golemić, Dawood Al-Saeed, and Ibrahim Zaied.

DAM vs HAZ: XI Lineups Player

Damac FC (DAM):- Ramzi Sawlan, Muteb Hamad, Saed Sharhany, Mohamed Hassan, Yahya Dagriri, Abdulaziz Al Aryani, Aqeel Zaila, Mazen Abusharara, Abdullah Khtab, Emilio Zelaya, and Mansour Almuwallad.

Al Hazm (HAZ):- Tiago Rodrigues, Carlos Strandberg, Pato, Ibrahima Tandia, Ibrahim Albarakah, Karim Yoda, Thaar Al-Otaibi, Abdulaziz Al Nashee, Alison, Ahmad Al-Najei, and Ola John.

DAM vs HAZ: Match Prediction

The match is about to start and fans are eagerly waiting to know which team has more chances to win this match. As we can see that team DAM is standing in the 2nd position with 4 victories in the last 8 matches and lost a single match.

They performed excellently in their last matches and now, team HAZ is standing in the 11th position with 10 points. they won just 2 matches out of 8 matches and lost 2 matches. According to the experts, team DAM has more chances to win this match.



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