Dalvin Brown Shooting Case: Canyon Springs High School ‘Accused Guilty or Innocent’: In 2018, Dalvin Brown, who was one of the students of the Canyon High School in the United States of America was shot to death in September. The Police had arrested a teenage boy from the high school for the killing of Dalvin Brown. Dalvin Brown was only an 18 years old teenager and was a student of Canyon High School. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Dalvin Brown

On the 11th of September in 2018, the teenager was shot to death at his own school by one of the school students. The Police were called to the school after the accident took place at 350 E. Later, when the Police reached the crime spot they got to know that the 18 years old Dalvin Brown had stopped to breath, and his life was taken out by the killer.

According to the reports, Dalvin Brown was shot to death at the outside boundaries of the Canyon High School’s baseball ground. Later, the boy was taken to the University Medical Center. When the Police started to be in search of the accused person, the very first thing the Police thought and told was that Dalvin Brown lost his life due to a random shooting, and it could be the result of some sort of altercation. On the day when Dalvin Brown died, the Police took each and every staff of the school under house arrest after the classes were over for that day.

Who killed Dalvin Brown?

Dalvin Brown was shot to death by one of the students of the Canyon High School. According to the reports, a 16 years old student had killed Dalvin Brown outside of the boundary of the baseball ground of the Canyon High School. The Police arrested Sakai Kayin French on the charges of killing an 18 years old boy in the high school.

There are some reports that claim that the accused killed Dalvin Brown after a fight in the school. The accused was later rusticated from the school. When the attorney of the boy was asked to speak to the media about the matter, he directly said that he did not want to comment anything about that matter. Sakai Kayin French was sent to the juvenile court and the bond for the case was set at $ 1 million. The accused was taken to the Clark County Detention Center for killing Dalvin Brown with a heavy weapon.

The demise of Dalvin Brown in a harsh way shocked the entire world, and the entire country was shocked to know how the boy died, there were a lot of programs organized for the justice of Dalvin Brown in 2018.


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