Dale College Death: The number of an accident have been increasing on daily basis. Similarly, news of an accident has been viral on the internet today. This news is from South Africa. When the school bus of Dale College Boys which was carrying a hockey team faced an accident today. This school is in King William’s Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Instantly, this news viral on the web and has become the talk of the town. people want more details such as how many are injured and death numbers they all want to know.

Dale College Death 2 Boys killed in N2 Crash 14 injured after Tragedy Strikes video Photos

Eastern Cape, South Africa this accident was reported near the college senior school. Once this accident happened some of them who were witnesses to this accident informed the Police. The police and team of the paramedical team arrived at the given location. According to sources, there were two students who lost their precious life in this accident and fourteen students were reported injured when this news is in printing. Dale College Death

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As per the Traffic official of the Eastern Cape, the students of the school were going to east London to participate in a hockey game but all of a sudden driver lost the control of the bus and the bus was rolled many times on the road and two lost their lives and other are suffering from major and minor injuries.

It is not a single time when these kinds of accidents have been reported not in South Africa but the entire world is the witness of this. The Dale College Boys have lost two more students. If we talk about some previous months December same thing had happened at that time and this can be right to say since December 2022, the school has lost four students.

The parent of the child who lost their important life at a very shortage, are in shock and passing through the hardest time to accept their children are not in the world. Again a question is still unbeatable that why these kinds of accidents are being registered. The local citizen of the Eastern Cape is sharing this news with their relatives and friends and raising it on a national level.

The management of the school and the people are requesting to the government pay attention to this problem and take the necessary action as soon as possible. May rest in the peace of those who died in the accident and hope for the better health who are admitted to the hospital.

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