Dakota Johnson is a gorgeous actress in fifty shades of grey and unfortunately, she facing a Panic attack. the confirmation about the news has been identified on January 20, 2021. As per the information, Dakota Johnson actress of Fifty Shades of Grey revealed that she suffered a panic attack on set while preparing for her first singing scene in the upcoming film ‘Our Friend’. Here are the many points about this Panic Attack and why it happened to her.

She will appear in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Johnson said “the idea of singing in front of many people’s is serious “so terrifying” and when tried to shoot teh singing scene, she suffered from the stage fright and instead ended up having a panic attack in front of everyone. There was so scare johnson said  Singing in front of people is actually so terrifying for me.”

Dakota Johnson admits she suffered a panic attack while preparing for 'terrifying' first singing scene on the set of Our Friend

Although, after some few minutes she continued the scene and to express her feeling she said in  the same statement “And we had to shoot the scene where you don’t even really see me. The camera’s in the back of… you can’t even really tell what’s going on, and I was meant to be performing in community theatre. And they hit playback of my voice, my vocal recording, and called ‘Action”

Although, now she si absolutely fine and that’s why she successfully completed the scene for her billions of fans. Apart from it Johnson has appeared in an news where it was confirmed that the actress Dakota Johnson and her ex husband Chris Martin planning to tie the knots again after dating for almost over three years.

Besides this Martin’s ex-wife Gwyenth Paltrow, who is close both of them individually possibly appear in the wedding even engagement also. If you still doubt on this report so please check the earlier 2020 report where the information given sign that Gwyneth Paltrow maybe the wedding planner of the wedding of Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin. As we supposing there is many upcoming news still remain to come and to know every future news related to teh wedding date of Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin. So make sure you bookmarked the website to stay connected with us.


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